Meet Our Board & Staff

Andrea Giehl
Board of Trustees President

Over the past 20 years of membership at Unity of Fredericksburg, I have served on the Board of Trustees a number of times.  I’ve also either headed up or been on a variety of ministry teams including coordinator of Spirit Groups.

I feel very excited about this new phase of our church’s unfoldment.  My vision is that of a “boutique” church.  By that I mean that we may not have all the bells and whistles of a larger church but, instead, a palpable ambience that is unique and fulfilling.  I see the focus being on nurturing deeper relationships among us whether it be supporting each other’s spiritual development, having fun together or helping each other out when the vagaries of life (both happy and sad) occur. We have an amazing opportunity before us to co-create in a very special way.  Let’s do it!


Johnetta Hooper
Board of Trustees Vice President

Johnetta started attending and became a charter member of Unity of Fredericksburg in 2000. She is a lifelong student of faith teachings and was especially attracted to Unity’s focus on living according to Christ’s teachings. Her greatest joy has been learning Unity principles & practices while serving as youth ed teacher and coordinator. She is grateful and honored to serve with the Board in the cause of unity. IMAGINE:  Unity 2022


Nina Jones
Board of Trustees Treasurer

I am a charter member of Unity Fredericksburg, having joined in 2000 with my daughter Carly. I have served on the board multiple times, including as board president twice, under three different ministers. I also worked as the church’s Business Manager for 10 years.  This unity community is very important to me. My goal is that we continue to support each other and our extended community, so that we may share our message of peace, acceptance, and love.




Chris Abeel
Board of Trustees Secretary
Chris has been a member of Unity since 2006. She became Music Coordinator and since then has worked with our talented musicians and the DOVES choir to bring joy to Sunday Service. She is a strings teacher in Prince William County and plays cello with the Fredericksburg String Quartet. Most Sundays you will find her at the web cam and sound board working to improve our virtual outreach. Chris is excited to be a part of the transformation of our Unity Community.



Judi Laganga Admin Asst

Judi Laganga
Office Manager


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