Upcoming Sundays

October 1 – Guest Speaker Rev Kathy Beasley  from the series Everyday Wisdom


Joy as Resistance: Finding Hope and Healing in Times of Struggle

Sometimes I find it hard to tap into joy. But when faced with the weight of life,
tragedy, trauma, and personal loss—I need either a way out or an anchor. Joy has become my
latest tool of resistance and is often an invitation to meet myself at the edge of suffering without
feeling shame or guilt for experiencing moments of lightness or delight.

October 8 – Unity’s Trinity


What does Unity have to say about the classic Trinity? Let’s explore that, and more layers of three that are key to the Unity belief system.



October 15 – It’s All About Consciousness


Everything we experience in our lives is based on the filters of belief we have in place. In other words, our consciousness. Let’s see what Unity has to say about levels of consciousness, and what we can do to improve the quality of our experiences.



October 22 – Guest Speaker Rev Kathy Beasley  from the series Everyday Wisdom

The Power of Bold Declarations – Speaking the Words that Shape Our Lives

Have you ever wondered why some things always happen to certain people? Do you believe that everything that happens to us results from our words? It may not be a popular belief, and Truly I tell you, there is power in the words we say daily. Making bold declarations and speaking the Truth that supports our “right now existence” can transform our lives and calls more of our goodness into being.

October 29 – The Devil, you say!


What better time than Halloween week to dive into what Unity has to say about concepts like evil and sin, and that old character known as The Devil! Wear a fun costume and we’ll bring all those old skeletons out of the closet and into the light of Truth.



Join us online with Rev Cheryl Fare at 11:00 AM.on Zoom and  YouTube LiveStream for music, meditation and an inspiring message.

  • Zoom Community Room opens at 10:45am
  • For those who prefer an interactive community experience, the complete Sunday service – with content not included in the YouTube broadcast – will be available on Zoom. This portion of the service will include the additional elements of music, community announcements, a time of prayer for celebrations and concerns, interactive fun, and time for questions and discussions following the service. In order to ensure that our Zoom Community Room maintains healthy boundaries, we ask that you send an email to info@uofva.org and request the Zoom link for access to the full Sunday service. The link will remain the same every week, so once you have it, copy and save it somewhere on your device so you can find your way into the room for future services.
  • The message and meditation portions of Sunday online services will be available live on the Unity of Fredericksburg YouTube Channel every Sunday at 11am EST.
  • The recording of the message and meditation will be available for you to watch any time that suits your schedule on the Unity of Fredericksburg YouTube Channel and will also be posted to the Unity of Fredericksburg Facebook Page.
  • In-Person gatherings will continue on a monthly basis, with fun events and activities coordinated by members of our community. Watch the weekly newsletter for details on upcoming events and mark your calendar to come together and share hugs and plenty of nurturing connection time face-to-face! Specifics on locations will be available by request – email info@uofva.org.


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